Tele Oral Medicine

A/Prof Ajith D. Polonowita

About our Specialist

A/Professor Ajith D. Polonowita graduated with a BDS (Otago), followed by House surgeon years in Invercargill Hospital. Specialist training in Oral Medicine and Pathology was achieved at Melbourne University. A/Prof. Polonowita has a special interest in Facial Pain and Mucosal Disease including Potentially Malignant Disorders and is a registered specialist in Australia and New Zealand. He is also the head of Discipline for Oral Medicine Teaching in New Zealand. He hold/has held positions as discipline head of oral medicine a both Otago University (New Zealand) and La Trobe University (Australia), Fiji National University, Honorary Senior lecturer (Otago Medical School) consultant oral medicine positions at Canterbury, Wellington, Dunedin and Bendigo hospitals as well as private specialist practices in Australia and New Zealand. He is and has been an examiner for Otago and La Trobe Universities. His memberships in professional groups include ADA, NZDA, OMAA, ANZAOP, ICD, RACDS. He is/has referred journal articles for NZMJ, AMJ, NZDJ, Oral Surgery, OOOO. He also serves/has served on Board of Studies for oral Medicine, Equivalence Committee for APHRA, Accreditation SET for ADC, Credentialling Committee for Canterbury District Health.

A/Prof. Polonowita is a Paul Harris Fellow and has many other interests outside of specialist dentistry, including charity work with the Asian Tsunami.


A/Prof. Polonowita was a past Vice President of the Oral Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (OMSANZ) and committee member of continuing education for the Australasian Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM). He is also a member of the Australia and New Zealand Academy Orofacial Pain (ANZAOP). He has also lectured extensively and published many articles.