Tele Oral Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that sometimes getting the best services means asking the right set of questions.

We understand that sometimes getting the best services means asking the right set of questions.

At the consultation, your Specialist will undertake a comprehensive history and review of the clinical photographs, radiology, pathology and other relevant reports sent by your referrer. Following this, the Specialist will formulate a working diagnosis and recommend a plan for your care. A letter will be sent to your referrer, other relevant health practitioners and to you.

Before the consultation, the Specialist will review the information provided to them to conduct the consultation as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to your day. The consultation with you can take up to 30 minutes. If your case is straightforward or the referrer has provided sufficient detail, the consultation may promptly conclude. Following this, the Oral Medicine Specialist will write a report and arrange request forms and referrals if required.

Unfortunately, unlike medical services, Medicare does not provide a rebate for most dental services. However, your Private Health Insurance Fund will typically give a rebate if you have dental cover. The extent of your rebate depends on the type of policy you have selected, so we cannot advise on the amount that you will receive. We recommend that you contact your Private Health Insurance Fund before booking and paying for your appointment to determine your level of cover.

You are required to obtain a current referral from your medical or dental practitioner before your TeleOralMedicine consultation.

Your referral is valid for 12 months. However, we recommend you book in as soon as possible.

Any clinical photographs or imaging that your referrer believes will be useful for your TeleOralMedicine consultation will be uploaded by your referrer prior to your consultation. If our Specialist requires further imaging or investigations, you will be referred accordingly.​

TeleOralMedicine efficiently delivers a working diagnosis of your oral disease or disorder and subsequently provides recommendations for your care. It saves you the trouble of travelling and can be done from the convenience of your own home at a time of your choosing. Of course, if a face-to-face consultation is necessary based on your TeleOralMedicine consultation, recommendations on the best Specialist for your particular condition will be provided.

We will provide you with an itemised account you can provide to your Private Health Insurance Fund to claim as we do not organise rebates for patients. Full payment prior to your TeleOralMedicine consultation is necessary to secure an appointment time.

Health Care card holders, Pension Card holders and children under the age of 16 attract a 10% courtesy reduction on our fees.

Some appointment times may be more popular than others. As we have specialists based all over Australia, we are confident that we will be able to find a convenient time for you.

Please complete and sign the New Patient Form and submit it online prior to your appointment. We also kindly request that you test your video and audio a couple of days before your appointment to ensure a seamless consultation.

The crucial aspect for the high-quality delivery of this service is a strong internet connection. We recommend a headset, but this is not required for the consultation. Patients can use iPads, tablets and smartphones successfully. We kindly request you conduct the consultation in a room with adequate lighting and no background noises or distraction.

Please review the “What To Do Before My Consultation” sheet sent with your receipt of payment for further information.

Step 1: If you live in an area where Oral Medicine Specialists are not readily available, your medical or dental practitioner will generate a referral from our website. As part of this process, your referrer will be required to complete a short referral form and upload relevant clinical photographs and imaging.

Step 2: You will receive a phone call inviting you to complete a new patient form, prepay and subsequently book an appointment.

Step 3: You will be sent a link with all the relevant information about your upcoming TeleOralMedicine consultation. This will include instructions on testing your equipment prior to the consultation.

Step 4: Using a smartphones, tablet or computer, log in 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Step 5: Complete your TeleOralMedicine consultation with one of our friendly, registered Oral Medicine Specialists. A recommendation for your condition will be provided on the day. This will be followed by a report to your referrer, other interested parties and the patient.

All our Oral Medicine Specialists are registered Dental Specialists with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Oral Medicine Specialists have completed both a dental degree (Bachelor of Dental Science / Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine) and at least 3 years of formal postgraduate training (Masters or Doctorate Degree) in Oral Medicine. It is also a mandatory requirement for registration as an Oral Medicine Specialist to stay up to date with continuing professional development in this field.

Patients who are referred to Oral Medicine typically have complex, non-dental related oral and facial complaints. Oral Medicine Specialists’ unique training provides the necessary knowledge to comprehensively assess, diagnose, and manage complex conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. This means you can be assured that you have been referred to the most qualified and experienced team to deal with your unique condition.

Yes, all our Oral Medicine Specialists are trained to assess children with orofacial conditions. For the booking process and consultation, a parent/guardian must consent and be present for those under 16 years of age.

The Oral Medicine Specialist who started this service firmly believes that everyone in Australia deserves access to Oral Medicine Services. Our Specialists are well aware that there is an unmet need for Oral Medicine services throughout Australia. Patients who live and work in rural and regional Australia often have to travel long distances to consult an Oral Medicine Specialist. Travelling from a rural location is costly and disruptive to work and family life, especially if the conditions can be managed by your local dentist or doctor based on the recommendations of our Specialist. In addition, patients who are physically challenged or who work offshore can access Oral Medicine services. This service is not restricted to those without access to care; however, a face-to-face consultation is preferable where possible.

Yes you can.

We can send all email correspondence to a designated family member or friend’s email.

If this is not convenient, or you do not feel comfortable with this option, TeleOralMedicine staff will liaise with your dentist and have all electronic correspondence sent to the practice. You can then arrange a convenient time with the dental practice to complete all required administration in their offices.